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Guide to Canvas (Beginners or Refresher)Follow

If you are new to Canvas or need a refresher on how things work, here are a few useful tips! 

  1. You can log into Canvas by following this link: Northpoint Staff Portal
    • Select Canvas to log in.  
    • Your username is composed of you first letter of your first-name followed by your last name (ex. dburke). Your password should have been emailed to you.
  2. Canvas Instructor's Guide
  3. Take a moment to scroll through the Canvas community. Here you can learn many different practices, tips, and features that Canvas has to offer. Follow this link: Canvas Community
  4. It is recommended to take the "Canvas Instructor Tour." it is a short course that will help you get started with Canvas. Follow this link: Canvas Instructor Tour
  5. Lastly, please note that Canvas has 24/7 support that you can access. On the main menu (left side of the screen in Canvas) there is an icon at the bottom that says "Helpful Links." Click that and that will bring up another menu, scroll down and select "Chat with Canvas Support (Faculty)," and ask them whatever question you may have. They can answer any questions you may have. They may direct you to open up a ticket with the Northpoint IT Department if need be (please include your ticket number with Canvas support if so). 



*If you need further assistance, as always, please contact us at

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