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How to Add Your Northpoint Email to the Mail App - 2018 (Mac)Follow

Please note before working through these steps:
If you are adding your Northpoint Email when not connected to the Northpoint Domain (logging in off campus with a different wifi Network), you will get a prompt asking for the Server Address.
Please type this in:


1. Begin by opening the settings app. 

2. Select "internet accounts"


3. Select "Exchange"



4. Type in your Name and Northpoint email address. Click "Sign In."



5. Click "Sign In" again.Screen_Shot_2018-10-22_at_9.24.29_AM.png


6. Click "Work or School Account."



7. Enter your Password and click "Sign in."



8. Select all, and click "Done."



Your account is now set up. Open up your mail app and it should appear. If these steps did not work for you and you need further assistance, please contact

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