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Northpoint subscribes to Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor. Respondus LockDown Browser (RLB) is a separate application from standard browsers such as FireFox, Chrome, or Safari. RLB requires an install on the computer or iPad that the student will use for the course. RLB is different from other browsers because it will discourage cheating by preventing students from opening other browser windows, taking screen captures, receiving or sending messages, or using other applications while taking a test or quiz.

Respondus Monitor is an additional feature which uses your iPad or laptop webcam to video record the student during the exam. To take quizzes that require Monitor, a webcam or device with a camera installed is needed.

Before you take a quiz or test:

To install LockDown Browser:

  • The Lockdown browser can be downloaded from the exam webpage in the Canvas course.  The student can also download it from here.
  • Open the downloaded file, if it does not open automatically and click through to give permission for the installation. You should receive confirmation once the installation is complete.
  • If the installation is complete, you will see LockDown Browser as a new application on your device.
  • If you are installing LockDown Browser on your iPad, you will be prompted to select the school from the list after the install. Select Northpoint Bible College and proceed.

If you have trouble with installation:

When it’s time to take a quiz or test:

To use LockDown Browser:

  • Preparation:
    • Bring your LockDown Browser installed laptop or iPad to class. You will also need your device to take the quiz outside of class. This will also prompt the use of Monitor.
    • Check your internet connection using this website  It is recommended that you have connection speeds of 10mbps for online testing.
  • Taking the test or quiz:
    • Open the LockDown Browser application on your device.
    • When you open LockDown Browser, you should see the Northpoint Canvas login page. Log into Canvas and navigate to the course and quiz you need to take.
  • Using Monitor
    • Be sure that the webcam is working when the opening sequence begins. Read all the instructions, and make sure you can see yourself in the picture.
    • Follow all instructions in the startup sequence. You will need a photo ID, and to be sure your desk and surrounding area are free from all documents and technology.

If you have trouble using LockDown Browser, try these steps before contacting support:  

  • Log out of canvas, exit the browser and re-open the browser and login to canvas to retrieve your exam.
  • Click on the help center in LockDown Browser. Run the monitor check, and system check, as needed. Be sure to follow all the steps on each screen. You may find it helpful to review the Respondus Knowledge Base as well. If you are still having issues, click to email the results to Northpoint IT support.

If you need immediate assistance with Respondus LockDown Browser, and have already completed the email of system check to support, try these steps:

  • Check for Updates: To determine if the latest edition of Respondus Lockdown Browser is being used, select the “Check for Update” option located under the Help menu.
  • Try using RLB on another device, such as an iPad or another computer.
  • Wait 5 minutes and then retry taking the quiz.
  • Try another wifi signal (a friend’s house, Public Library, etc.)
  • Check your firewall settings, Here’s how on a Mac and Here’s how on a PC

After the quiz or test is complete:

  • You can verify that the quiz was completed and view your raw score, prior to instructor grading, by navigating to the grades page in your course. Then click on the name of the quiz you have completed. You should see the current score, and any answers or information that the instructor has provided there.
  • If you have any issues after the quiz is complete open a support ticket with Respondus directly for the fastest help.  Also, you can search “respondus” at or contact
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