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How to change your Northpoint VoicemailFollow

1. On your phone, click VMSG 

When prompted by the voice in the phone, enter your Voicemail password 

2. Once you've entered your password, click More located on the far right 

3. After you've selected that, click Setup which is located on the far left of the screen.

4. Now, click the Greet option which is second from the left as seen below.

5. Select the Curr located on the far left which stands for "Current" as in your current voice message. 

6. Once you select this, your phone will begin playing your current voice message. When it's done playing, you will be given a prompt to change it. For "Yes", click the number 1 on the keypad seen below

Now, you will be given the option to record a new one!

If you run into any problems with this process or have any questions, contact us at 

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