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Setting up your Student Mail Account on your Android Follow

NOTE: Due to the wide variety of devices that fall under this category, we have opted to include instructions that are as universal as possible.

1. Locate the "Play Store" on your Android device and tap it, the icon is pictured below

2. You should see a menu that closely resembles the one seen below 

Tap the search option in the top right hand corner, the magnifying glass, which will give you the option to type in a search. Search "gmail app.

3. After your search, your results will look something like this

Select the one that says "Gmail"

4. After selecting "Gmail", you should see the following image

Next to the "Gmail" name and logo, where "uninstall" and "Open" are in this picture, you will either see an option to "Install" or "Update". Select whichever one you see

5. Upon doing that you will see this pop-up

Select "Continue"

6. If the Gmail app doesn't open automatically, select it or choose the "open" option next to the name. When you do that you will be greeted by this screen


Select "Existing"

7. When you select "Existing" you will be taken to this login screen

Type in your student Email and password. Your email address will be formatted as seen here: 

If you cannot remember your password or lost the paper from your packet you received at the beginning of the semester that included your student log in info, please Email the IT department and they will assist you.

When you have entered all that in, press the "Sign in" arrow.

8. At this point you should be taken to your Email, meaning that you're logged in!

If you run into any problems of any kind, please contact the IT department, they will be happy to help. 

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