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Printing to the Northpoint Network Using Mac OS XFollow

You can send a print job to the Konica Minolta printers in one of two ways. 

The first way of doing this is through the online print app. You can access the online print though the schools website or student portal. Here, you can log into your school account and send as many print job's as you need to the "Follow-You" print system as you need. You can learn more about this at the "How to Use PrinterOn" support article. 

Alternatively, you can access the Konica printers through your school Email. Simply Email your documents as an attachment to the schools printers and you can print them out when you log in. This method is a bit more flexible. You can learn more about this method at the "How to Print Using Your Schools Email Address" support article. 

If you have any questions in regards to either of these methods or if you run into any problems, please email the Northpoint IT department at ""

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