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Merge Data from Multiple Excel Documents Into One Follow

NOTE: Depending on which version of Excel you are using the layout may be somewhat different

1. Open up an excel spread sheet as pictured below

2. Within Excel you have multiple cells as is demonstrated by these two labeled "Nate" and "Smith". 

3. Select the cells you wish to merge with your mouse. Holding down the "Shift" key selects all the ones you hover over with your mouse while "Ctrl" will only select the cells you click on. Selecting your desired cells should look like this

4. Once you've selected your desired cells click the box labeled "merge and center" at the top of your spreadsheet as shown below

Select the option "merge cells".

5. Your sheet should now look something like this

And there you have it! 

If you require anymore assistance or if you have any questions please feel free to contact us and ask for our help. 

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