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How to Add Your Northpoint Work Email in the Mail App (Apple Devices)Follow

1. First, look at your iPad/iPhone home screen seen. Select the icon that is labeled "settings".


2. Once you select it, it will open the app. Scroll down until you see "passwords & accounts" and select it. 



3. Now, select "Add Account."



4. Next, select "Exchange."



5. Type in your Northpoint Staff/Faculty email and write "Exchange" for description, and then click next.



6. Upon clicking next, you will see this pop up. Tap "Sign In."



7. This is the next screen that will appear. Click on "Work or school account."



7. You will be then prompted to enter your password. Enter it, and click sign in.  IMG_5018.PNG

8. On this screen it is asking what apps you want your Northpoint Mail account to Sync with (Mail, contacts, and calendar is recommended). Choose Mail and the others you wish Synced. Then hit "save."



Now you can go to your Mail app, and your Northpoint Staff/Faculty email should be found. If you encounter any issues, please contact 



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