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Configuring your iPhone/iPad to check your Faculty/Staff Northpoint MailFollow

1. First, look at your iPad/iPhone home screen seen below

Select the icon that is labeled "mail". It even has a handy picture of a piece of mail on it to make it easily identifiable 

2. Once you select it, the following screen featuring numerous options will appear 

Select the one labeled "Exchange" 

3. Selecting, or in the case of an iPad/iPod, tapping, Exchange will bring up the following screen

Type in your Faculty/Staff Email address and password. Feel free to ignore the box labeled "Description". Once you've typed in your email and password tap the button that says "Next/Done" in the top right hand corner.

4. Next, you will be brought to a similar looking screen that says "account" at the top, as seen below

Fill in the server line with "" and the Domain line with "campus" with the Email and password being the same as they were on the previous screen. When you've put all the necessary info in, hit "next/Done" in the top right hand corner of the menu. 

5. The screen will the then slide over to this screen seen below

Just hit the button saying "Save" in the top right hand corner and move on.

6. And you're done! Enjoy your Email. If there's any hiccups, server problems or lost passwords, let the fine folks over in IT know. 

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