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Setting up your Faculty/Staff Email on Android DevicesFollow

NOTE: Due to the wide variety of devices that fall under the "android" category, the directions below have been made as universal as possible. Despite this, there may be some minor differences between what is listed here and what you see on your device.

1. Go to you "Apps" or "Applications menu on your Android device 

2. Select the option labeled "Mail" or "Email"
NOTE: Do not select a mail app for a specific mail service such as "Gmail" or "Yahoo Mail" 

3. Upon selecting the app, you will see a menu that should look something like this 

Pick the option labeled "Exchange" or "Microsoft Exchange"

4. Once you pick that, you will be brought to a log in screen resembling the one below

Type in your Faculty Email and password, then press "Next"

5. After hitting "Next", you may see this screen pop up

Simply tap "Next" in the bottom right corner to proceed.

6. You will then be brought to another log in screen that will look something like the one shown below. 

If it asks you to put your Email and password in again, type them in again. In "Server Address" type in "" and in "Domain" type in "Campus". If it asks you for a user name, put in the first letter of your first name followed by your last name with no period or space between. 

Once you've plugged all that in, hit "Next"

7. Once you've done that, you'll encounter a screen that looks like this 


Simply tap the icon labeled "Activate" 

8. Finally, you'll see this final log in screen

Leave the info as is and hit "Done"

9. You should now see this

Which means you're done! 

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the IT department and we will be happy to assist you.

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